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Highlighting recent special achievements of the BEAHR Lab and its members!


Medscape: DSM-5-TR Panel Members Received $14M in Undisclosed Industry Funding

Read the Medscape article featuring our recently published research "Undisclosed financial conflicts of interest in DSM-5-TR: cross sectional analysis."


BEAHR Lab Member Presents at Northeastern University

BEAHR Lab member, Gianna D'Ambrozio, led a workshop entitled "Empowering Ethics: A Human Rights Approach to Addressing Medicalized Distress" at the EmpowerU Conference "Navigating Ethical Innovation: Harmonizing Philosophy, Technology, and History in the 21st Century" at Northeastern University on March 25, 2024. 

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The BEAHR Lab Presents at AWP's 48th Annual Conference

The BEAHR Lab director, Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, and lab members, Farahdeba Herrawi and Gianna D'Ambrozio, presented their symposium "How the psy-disciplines undermine transformative justice and impede feminist praxis: Solutions for reform" at the Association for Women in Psychology's 48th Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on March 4, 2023. 


'Fare Access Program' at Craig's Doors

One of our BEAHR Lab members, Tim McCarthy, who is the executive director of Craig’s Doors, was featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette for his work in developing a free bus pass program for shelter guests. Read ‘Fare Access’ for the homeless: Craig’s Doors launches free bus pass program to overcome transportation barrier here!


Exploring the Fault Lines in Mental Health Discourse:
An Interview with Psychologist Justin Karter

Dr. Justin Karter, a former doctoral student of Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, was interviewed by Mad in America about his journey into the psychology field and what he has learned through his work with MIA, research in critical psychiatry and psychology, and his practice as a therapist. Check out the interview here


Timothy McCarthy takes helm at Craig’s Doors in Amherst 

Timothy McCarthy, a BEAHR lab member, was interviewed by the Daily Hampshire Gazette for his role as the new executive director at Craig's Doors, a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and resources to those in need. Read the article, published on August 17, 2022, here! As the new executive director, Timothy told the Amherst Affordable Housing Trust Committee that "the greatest change, and my proudest area of focus, falls under case management for Craig’s Doors."

Drug and Syringe

Our Research Featured on Mad in America

A recent paper published by BEAHR lab members Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, Gianna D'Ambrozio, and colleagues was reviewed in a June 7, 2022 Mad in America article "Industry Corruption in Systematic Review for Injectable Antipsychotics," highlighting how systematic reviews are compromised by pharmaceutical industry ties by exposing a study of injectable antipsychotics.


The BEAHR Lab's Research Featured in the News (Again!)

Dr. Lisa Cosgrove was interviewed for the article, "This Pill Tells Your Doctor if You Didn’t Take It. But Whom Is It Really For?" by Jane C. Hu on Slate about digital aripiprazole that featured her expert opinions and previous research, "Digital aripiprazole or digital evergreening? A systematic review of the evidence and its dissemination in the scientific literature and in the media." Check out the article published on April 20, 2022 here!

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Student Spotlight: Farahdeba Herrawi

The BEAHR Lab member, Farahdeba Herrawi, was featured in the UMass Boston News highlighting her research and clinical work in culturally responsive mental health care for immigrants and refugees. Check out the article "PhD Student’s Research Focuses on Culture for Mental Health Care" published on March 11, 2022 here

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Our Lab Member Awarded a Fulbright Research Grant

Samantha Lilly, a BEAHR Lab member, was recently awarded a Fulbright Research Grant to work on their research project "In Search of Coalescence and Ethics," a qualitative study designed to document and understand Argentina's rights-based approaches to mental healthcare as espoused by their unique and progressive national mental healthcare law: 'La ley de salud mental N°26657.' 


STAT: Contributors to psychiatry's bible, the DSM-5, got $14 million from industry

Read the STAT article featuring our recently published research "Undisclosed financial conflicts of interest in DSM-5-TR: cross sectional analysis."


The BEAHR Lab Presents at AWP's Annual Conference

The BEAHR Lab director, Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, and lab members, Gianna D'Ambrozio and Milutin Kostic, presented their symposium "Why liberatory feminist approaches can mitigate irrational polypharmacy and the search for ‘magic bullets’" at the virtual Association for Women in Psychology's Conference "Decolonizing Feminist Psychology: Resilience, Healing & Embodiment" on March 9, 2024.


Dr. Lisa Cosgrove Interviewed by WGBH & WBUR 

The BEAHR Lab director, Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, recently was interviewed by investigative journalists from WGBH and WBUR on the harms of psychotropic polypharmacy


Tim McCarthy of Craig's Doors Featured on the News

One of our BEAHR Lab members, Tim McCarthy, who is the executive director of Craig’s Doors, a human services organization that provides vulnerable and unhoused members of our community with emergency shelter, food, and safety, was featured on WWLP 22 News for his important and cutting-edge work. Watch the news clip here!


3rd Place in Division 52 Poster Contest at APA Conference

A project led by BEAHR lab member Farahdeba Herrawi, "Possibilities for Well-Being: Thematic Analysis of Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Women Experiences," received 3rd place in the Division 52 International Psychology Poster Contest at the American Psychological Association Conference in Minneapolis, MN in August 2022. Congratulations Farah and team!


Dr. Lisa Cosgrove Featured in a Lead NYT Article

Dr. Lisa Cosgrove, the BEAHR lab director, was interviewed for a lead article in the Sunday edition of The New York Times on August 28, 2022. In the article, "This Teen Was Prescribed 10 Psychiatric Drugs. She’s Not Alone," Dr. Cosgrove commented on the lack of evidence-based research on polypharmacy: “You can very cogently argue that we don’t have evidence about what it means to be on multiple psychotropic medications,” said Lisa Cosgrove, a clinical psychologist at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. “This is a generation of guinea pigs.”


Conference Keynote Speaker: Farahdeba Herrawi 

Hamline University's Center for Justice and Law featured the BEAHR Lab's very own Farahdeba Herrawi as the keynote speaker at their virtual conference Prioritizing Belonging: Equity and Mental Health in Im/Migrant and Refugee Communities on May 6, 2022.

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Mad in America Interview by the BEAHR Lab Members

The BEAHR Lab members, Gianna D'Ambrozio and Tim McCarthy, interviewed Sonja Styblo, a licensed social worker, community organizer, and psychiatric survivor, regarding the Massachusetts Benzo Bill. Check out "Interview with Sonja Styblo: Update on the Massachusetts Benzo Bill" by Gianna D'Ambrozio and Tim McCarthy on Mad in America published on April 9, 2022 here!

Modern Chicago Skyline

The BEAHR Lab is Headed to AWP Chicago 2022

The BEAHR Lab will present our symposium titled "How intersectional feminism and transdisciplinarity can re-invigorate our ethical imaginations" at the Association of Women in Psychology's 2022 Conference in Chicago this March. In this symposium, we will present three papers that use a feminist intersectional and/or transdisciplinary lens to 1) discuss the iatrogenic effects of mandatory reporting laws 2) explore gender euphoria as an imagined avenue for materializing TNG agency and self-determination 3) address the socio-political and upstream causes of emotional distress. See us in the conference program here!

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Our Research in the News

Our recent research publication on conflicts of interest in psychopharmacology textbooks by the BEAHR Lab members, Dr. Lisa Cosgrove and Farahdeba Herrawi, and Dr. Allen Shaunghnessy of Tufts University, was featured in the STAT article "Conflicts of interest are common among editors and authors of psychopharmacology textbooks" by Ed Silverman on November 15, 2021. 

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